Solar Captus wants to bring solar to the masses

Solar Captus believes in solar on every roof! We've seen the early adopters, but now it's time for the masses. Bringing solar to the next generation solar customers requires a pro-active sales approach. We target the right homeowners by predicting who's most likely to adopt rooftop solar.

Prices of solar have plummeted and a people-powered energy system will soon be a reality. This opportunity is now bigger than ever, with affordable storage and smart software both changing the way we trade, sell and monitor our energy. We believe that we can bring solar to the masses by providing a seamless customer experience that makes buying solar online easy and personal.

Our data-driven software creates instant solar profiles. The solar profiles explain a homeowner's options of going solar. Based on a solar profile we provide personalised product offers from various solar providers when you're ready for it. By aggregating customer demand and connecting our platform with existing customer bases from trusted brands, we can bring solar to the masses.

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The team on a mission

Jelmer van Rooij

Jelmer van Rooij

CEO & Co-founder

Peter Tylee

Peter Tylee

CTO & Co-founder

Niko Lukac

Niko Lukac

Chief GIS Engineer

Jelmer van Rooij

Gijs Lebesque

Software Engineer

Jelmer is passionate about new business models, energy startups and new energy technologies. Youʼll never hear him say “No” to a challenging adventure. After finishing his Master's Degree in Environment & Resource Management he decided to move to Australia to discover new opportunities to accelerate the energy transition.

In 2016 he co-founded SunCrowd, focussing on making solar and batteries easy and accessible to homeowners. They sold over 1.3MW of solar and 3.5MWh of residential batteries in just a few months. This experience made him decide to focus on lowering the customer acquisition costs and the right software to make this happen even faster.

Peter is a senior software developer, application architect, and budding Lean Startup entrepreneur.

He has been developing software professionally for over 17 years, both in Australia and abroad. In his spare time he enjoys working with cutting-edge technology, and using it to solve complex challenges.

He first became interested in the solar industry, and solving some of its complex challenges, when attending the CSIRO’s 2016 Solar Hackathon.

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Weʼre always looking for new talent. Do you love responsibility and get excited about changing the world into one powered by the people?! Then, youʼre probably the one weʼre looking for.

Are you a software engineer, data expert, operational guru or marketing wizard?

Weʼre more than happy to have a chat on how we can use your talent and develop your skills even further.

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