About us.

A team on a mission

In 2016 we started with the bold vision to bring solar to the masses by solving one of the key challenges in today’s solar industry: customer acquisition costs. Customer acquisition costs are still one of the most persistent cost components in selling solar. At the same time, we see solar markets starting to mature globally and people get used to the convenience of online shopping. In this rapidly evolving landscape, the solar industry’s current approach to selling solar starts to become absolete and poses serious threats to further reducing the costs of solar. We're a software-centric company helping solar companies sell solar online by enabling the best possible online buying experience for solar using state of the art technology and the power of the internet. Our mission is to enable a seamless buying experience for solar where everyone can access solar products in minutes.

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Jelmer van Rooij

CEO & Co-founder

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Peter Tylee

CTO & Co-founder

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Niko Lukac, Phd.

GIS Engineer

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Gijs Lebesque


Jelmer is passionate about new business models, energy startups and new energy technologies. Youʼll never hear him say “No” to a challenging adventure. After finishing his Master’s Degree in Environment & Resource Management he decided to move to Australia to discover new opportunities in accelerating the energy transition.

In 2016 he co-founded SunCrowd and sold more residential battery than any other company in Australia. This experience made him aware of the key challenges in scaling solar. After SunCrowd, Jelmer decided to build the software that will help solar companies scale their solar sales online.

Peter is a senior software developer, application architect, and budding Lean Startup entrepreneur. He’s responsible for the Solar Captus software backing the online sales platform using big data and aritifical intelligence.

He has over 17 years of software development experience, both in Australia and abroad. He first became interested in the solar industry, and solving some of its complex challenges, when attending the CSIRO’s 2016 Solar Hackathon.