Simplify solar sales.
Win more customers.

We help you sell solar online with a personalised online buying experience for solar.

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Be future ready!

With nearly 1.6 million solar homeowners, Australia is the most mature market for solar in the world. We’re on the verge of entering a new market segment: the early majority. The traditional way of selling solar becomes absolete and will increase your customer acquisition costs. This next generation of solar customers requires a different sales process that’s seamless, personal and internet-based. We empower your business to thrive online by enabling the best possible online buying experience for solar.

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Bring your brand online
(Differentiate yourself)

Stand out from your competition by strenghtening your brand’s presence and providing personal service online.

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Streamline your business
(Lower your costs)

Take control of your customer acquisition costs by streamlining your marketing & sales, launch data-driven marketing campaigns and keep track of your leads and website traffic.

Service your customers online
(Improve online conversions)

We help you focus your efforts on those customers that actually matter. Provide your clients with an instant online solar profile based on a roof analysis. Let your customers easily personalise their solar profile and have them book an online one-on-one expert session with your sales team.

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What we offer you

3 key features

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White label platform

Maintain your brand’s identity using our turn-key solution for online solar sales with a look and feel that’s uniquely yours.

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Online buying experience

Bring your sales process online by providing the best possible online customer experience for solar sales.

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Predictive analytics

Qualify your leads and predict who’s most likely to buy rooftop solar using big data and machine learning.

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